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Warning Signs of a Catastrophic Plumbing Problem

Most plumbing problems do not happen instantaneously. The San Diego Plumber and HVAC Association (SDPHA) says, usually there are signs that could warn a homeowner about a catastrophic plumbing problem that is in the offing. The job of the homeowner though is to heed those signs to avert such a disaster.

The SDPHA says warning signs should never be ignored because these at least clue us in for the possible problem that lays ahead. These problems according to the SDPHA do not come cheap to repair, and usually become an even bigger inconvenience around the home. Imagine indoor flooding, water damage, or no water at all for hours or even days?

Here are some warning signs of plumbing problems that should never be ignored:

1. Sewer-like smell. A sewer or rotten egg odor can be a clue of a catastrophic plumbing issue. According to the SDPPA this may mean that there may be a sewer pipe problem, that when left unaddressed could affect the foundation of your home. Calling in a plumber as soon as this odor is detected could save your household from potential repairs and environmental hazards.

2. Slow or stopped up drain. Is it taking forever for you to drain water from the tub, the sink, or the shower area? The SDPHA says this is a warning sign of a huge clog that could even get bigger and more complicated if left unaddressed. With this the SDPHA warns against the use of grocery drain cleaners, which according to them, will just make a bigger problem out of a simple clog. Store bought drain cleaners are so string that it can corrode pipes if they settle into it for a longer period of time. It is also harmful for humans, pets, and the environment because of its toxicity levels.

When this happens, have it immediately checked by a plumber to avoid overflows that could get messy. Another warning sign for clogs is gurgling sounds that may mean that the system is having trouble draining the used water.

3. Frozen Pipes. In the plumbing disaster scale, this could be on the top three especially if it will result into bursting. The SDPHA says, call for an emergency plumber to address the situation because this may lead to leaks or bursting pipes. Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association

So what are the signs of a frozen pipe? When there appears to be no supply of water in the faucet or shower, or there is a noise that seems to indicate that water should be flowing but it is not. Sewage smells start to come from water sources and when the pipes are literally frozen.

4. Very low or lowered water pressure. Have you noticed changes in the water pressure in your home? Is it trickling in, has it been noticeable lower than before? The SDPHA says this type of symptom could go either way. It could be a simple issue that you yourself can resolve, or super complicated that only a pro should attend to.

So what could it be? Well it could just be a minor blockage in the filter or a gunk in the shower or faucet aerator. There are numerous tutorials online that can help you resolve this. However, the SDPHA says, if cleaning up the gunk did not cut is, then it may be a huge issue like a problem with the water main, a pipe fracture, or a major water leak. Obviously, these mean that you have to call in for professional plumbing help immediately.

The SDPHA says all these plumbing crises can be averted if the signs can be caught immediately and professional help is sought immediately. In addition, annual plumbing maintenance inspections also help prevent major plumbing problems.

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